Cybersecurity 101

What Do We Want To Protect?

A recurring question within cybersecurity is, "What do we want to protect?" We could develop many things that we believe need to be protected with a bit of thought. But we can all agree that the most important thing to protect in all fields, including cybersecurity, is Human Life.

As medical equipment and technology become more advanced and increasingly expand into networks and remote technologies, they also become more exposed to cyber threats. An excellent example of this is how security personnel had to disable the wireless communication feature of US Vice President Dick Cheney's pacemaker to prevent it from being hacked

The CIA Triad

The CIA triad is a key to keeping information protected from potential leaks, changes, or other types of harm.


This term relates to sharing or revealing information only to authorized personnel. Confidential information within organizations, hospitals, and government should be available only to authorized personnel and not exposed to the public.


Integrity relates to ensuring that information or data remains unchanged and accurate. By implementing security policies and restricting permissions, information can be kept secure.


This term relates to ensuring  data or services are accessible to those who require it when they require it. Many services used to perform tasks and operations must be available 99.99% of the time to enable employees to accomplish there objectives.